During his career as a government prosecutor, Dirk handled thousands of negotiations with other lawyers, judges, and special interest and advocacy groups. He has extensive experience evaluating and negotiating serious, complicated and often emotional matters. During his career, he developed substantial knowledge and skill in the procedural and substantive operations of the civil and criminal justice system and local law enforcement agencies, and has extensive experience in dealing with state and federal law enforcement agencies such as the Department of Justice, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, and NCIS and CID divisions of the Department of Defense.

Dirk has been an instructor for private attorneys and government agencies and has also instructed at local police academies, as well as state agencies such as the California Highway Patrol and the California Narcotic Officer’s Association. Additionally, Dirk has conducted symposiums for private attorneys on jury selection and jury trial tactics through the Contra Costa Bar Association. He has also authored a variety of training materials regarding procedural and substantive areas of law.