No Case Involves Greater Consequences Than a Case Involving an Unlawful Homicide

Facing a homicide charge is like facing the end of your own life as you know it. Your friends, family, and community at large may convict you in their own minds well before you’re given the chance to clear your name. If convicted by a judge or jury, you are looking at a lengthy prison sentence that may mean the loss of your freedom for most if not the rest of your life.

Your Choice of a Defense Lawyer Can Make All The Difference.

The seriousness of the allegations involved and the potential consequences can leave you feeling isolated, scared, and overwhelmed as to how to proceed. Of all of the decisions that you need to make during this time, there is none more important that your choice of a criminal defense lawyer. It is not an exaggeration to say that you are putting your life into your lawyer’s hands if you’ve been charged with homicide. That is why you need an experienced homicide defense lawyer on your side; one who knows the law, who understands the seriousness of the matter and won’t judge you, and who will fight for you at every turn.

As a former prosecutor, I have personally tried or supervised the prosecution of thousands of criminal cases, including capital murder trials, gaining valuable insight into how best to defend against the most serious criminal charges. I’ve developed substantial knowledge and skill in the procedural and substantive operations of local law enforcement agencies, which I use in crafting the most aggressive and effective homicide defense for my clients. I am prepared to stand solidly in your corner, as I have for countless others in your shoes.

Murder v. Manslaughter

Under both California and Nevada law, homicide crimes are divided into two broad categories: murder and manslaughter. Within each of those categories there are varying degrees of homicide depending on the circumstances of the victim’s death and the state of mind of the accused, among other factors.

Generally, there are two main classifications of murder in both California and Nevada:

  • First-Degree Murder. Murder in the first degree is the most severe homicide charge. It is a crime that requires intent, premeditation and the wilful killing of the victim. However, intent to kill is not required for a first-degree murder conviction if the accused winds up killing someone while committing another specified felony, such as robbery or burglary (felony-murder).
  • Second-Degree Murder. This is a lesser charge than murder in the first degree and applies if the killing was intentional but not premeditated or if it was unintentional but caused by extremely reckless and dangerous behavior.

Manslaughter is the other main category of homicide and is the killing of another person without premeditation or malice. There are three primary kinds of manslaughter:

  • Voluntary manslaughter. Killing another human being because of a sudden quarrel or in the heat of passion.
  • Involuntary manslaughter. Killing another human being under circumstances involving a high risk of death or great bodily harm without due caution or circumspection.
  • Vehicular manslaughter. Killing another person with a vehicle when the driver is negligent, grossly negligent and/or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

“For clients facing homicide charges in either California or Nevada, I am a steadfast ally and forceful advocate. You are innocent until proven guilty, and I will work with you to develop the best, most comprehensive defense strategy that gives you the best chance of reclaiming that innocence and moving on with your life.