A California and Nevada Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Who Understands the Challenges Faced by Bikers

As a biker, you know the freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle down an open highway on a sunny day. You also know the dangers of sharing the road with larger vehicles. You ride responsibly and safely, but you are keenly aware of the risks that come with little more than a helmet to protect you in the event of an accident.

Bikers are vulnerable to particularly serious and life-changing injuries including catastrophic brain and spinal injuries. I represent bikers facing the pain and challenges involved in recovering from motorcycle accident injuries, fighting for compensation from those responsible for your injuries so you can get the money and resources that can aid in your recovery and get you back on your bike.

Motorcycle Riders Face Unique Dangers As Well As Unfair Prejudice

Because of their smaller stature, and because riders sometimes maneuver between vehicles in ways cars cannot, they are often more difficult for others to see. This can lead to accidents during turns, lane changes, or backups. Motorcycles can also come to a stop much quicker than a car, which may lead other drivers to misjudge the amount of space and braking time needed to avoid a collision. These are just two of the many unique risks facing bikers.

On top of the risks, bikers often have to face unfair presumptions and stereotypes in motorcycle injury lawsuits. Even though bikers are some of the most responsible folks on the road and come from all walks of life and all ages, there can be a tendency on the part of some jurors to stereotype "bikers" as outlaws, or prone to recklessness and risky behavior. These prejudices result in an inclination to blame bikers for accidents and reduce the value or credibility of their claims even if all of the evidence is to the contrary.

As an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, and as someone who respects bikers, I understand how to counter these unfair prejudices. I have successfully helped motorcycle accident victims obtain compensation for a variety of injuries, including traumatic brain and spinal injuries, broken bones, road rash, lost limbs, and more.